Cruise Destination in the Caribbean

Bequia is the largest of the Grenadine islands. There are +-5000 inhabitants for an area of 18 km2.. South of Bequia are the small islands of Petit Nevis and Ile à Quatre.

Once anchored in Admiralty Bay, you can enjoy the beautiful beach, visit the Oldhegg Turttle Sanctuary, visit the charming and colourful village of Port Elizabeth or the Athneal's Whaling Museum. The acsension of Mount Pleasant, the highest point on the island (232m), offers a beautiful view of the sea and boats.

A customs post will allow you to make your entry.

Did you know?

  • Bequia's fishermen, supported by the Japanese government, are authorized by the International Whaling Commission to kill four humpback whales per year in order to maintain a traditional activity.
  • Princess Margaret Beach was elected on behalf of the world's ten most beautiful beaches !


Croisière 10 jours

Catamaran en croisière

Mermer Advices

Once you have completed your formalities, you can take a taxi around the island and visit the south coast.

Before going down further south in the Grenadines, or during your ascent, don't hesitate to anchor a few hours downwind of Petit Nevis. The walk to the top is worth a look.

It is on this island that whales used to be skinned.


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