Tobago Cays

Tobago Cays

Cruise Destination in the Caribbean

Very visited by tourists, Tobago Cays are a corner of paradise. They are composed of 5 Grenadine islands bathed in dazzling turquoise water: Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Baradal, Jamesby and Petit Tabac. Petit Tabac is the only one that is exclusively coral. Uninhabited, the Tobago Cays and their lagoons are classified as "marine park". A national wildlife conservation park status that protects one of the most beautiful anchorages in the Caribbean and the Grenadines.

Sublime beaches, multicolored fish, turtles a few meters from the shore, rays... The Tobago Cays are a paradise for snorkeling lovers but also for sunbathing lovers...

A large number of hotels in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines offer day and half-day catamaran and sailing trips on the islands, where many passing boats drop anchor.

On the islet of Petit bateau, the locals offer you the opportunity to taste "Rum Punch" accompanied by lobsters and grilled fish while enjoying the magnificent sunsets on a reggae rhythm.

Tobago Cays

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Mermer Advices

Very popular with tourists, Baradal Island offers many anchorages. The most beautiful landscapes are to the south of the island. The configuration of the sandbanks changes with the currents, as long as the marine charts cannot adapt to them. This generates each time I return to it a significantly different landscape, in which it is necessary to navigate with care. You can anchor or take buoys for 25€ per night.

I advise you to arrange a trip to Petit Tabac for the day with a local (it is forbidden to anchor there since 2022). This island is a marine natural park naturel, so its ecosystem is vital for the planet. It has the privilege of being part of coral reefs that represent only 0.2% of the ocean's surface and are home to one-third of the world's marine biodiversity.

Dont Miss the BBQ with the local at Petit Bateau.

Watch out, you might see Iguana, the emblem of Mermerlocation, on the island of Baradal

For the rest, I would be happy to share some good tips with you when you get your boat ready.


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