Useful Informations

Before departure

Preparing your charter

  • It goes without saying, but we'd like to remind you: a passport valid for more than 6 months is essential for your catamaran cruise in the islands, except if you're staying in the French islands, where a simple identity card is required (for EU citizens).
  • Try to travel as light as possible. Your luggage is stored on board. We have no storage space to offer.
    Bring a windbreaker or even a small jacket, as it can get chilly after dark.
    Prepare your own first-aid kit


  • Once you've arrived in Le Marin, Martinique, you can do your shopping in one of the nearby supermarkets (Carrefour, Leader Price, Ed). Carrefour and Ed can deliver groceries right in front of your pontoon.
    The Carrefour du Marin also offers a free shuttle service, which we'll call together once you ready for shopping.
  • If you prefer to save time, 2 solutions:
    - you can order via Appro Zagaya and your groceries will be loaded onto your catamaran at the Marin marina before your arrival, or at the end of the dock if you choose the sports formula.
    Pan-caribbean provisioning app delivering groceries right to your boat: Order fresh food and provisioning directly to your boat, when deliver few hours before you arrival and place products directly in your fridge and freezerOption to schedule delivery in advance - plan your provisioning deliveries for specific dates, ensuring you have everything you need when you need it

    Remember to use eco-friendly products for your cruise (shower gel, cleaning products, etc.).
    Solar Oil are forbidden onboard. It is a nightmare for environnement and make long-lasting stain on the boat. Use sun cream with natural filter

Transfer Marina/Airport

At your request, we can organize your transfer from the airport to the marina of Le Marin and back. We need your arrival date and time, flight number and number of passagers.

Rates (to be paid att he driver directly):
From 1 pers to 4 pers: €70
From 5 pers : 80€ (€)
From 6 pers : 85€ (€)
From 7 pers : 90€
From 8 pers. :100€
And €10 extra on Sundays, holidays and nights
If there are 10 of you, we can provide two mini vans for 140€.

Driver's telephone number: Max Lamon: + (596) 696 26 03 94

During the stay

Customs formalities

When cruising the islands, you'll need to complete the usual customs formalities (clearance). For a 10-day cruise in the Grenadines, plan on a budget of €35/person. This budget is an indication only, and frequently varies according to the local authorities...

  • IN FRANCE: you'll need to obtain "exit" clearance before setting sail, and "entry" clearance on your return.
    This can be done at the harbor master's office in Le Marin, at the marina service station or online at the marina's website ( Count 5 Euros for the "Sortie" and the same for the "Entrée".
  • Outside the EU, i.e. all the English islands: there will be an entry and exit clearance to do as well as visas.
    Since September 2021, these English islands have been trying to facilitate this process by asking passengers to make their declarations online in advance via the website:
    At your request, I can give you my identifiers, all you have to do is enter all your passengers, choose the boat and decide where you will make your entry to make your "arrival notification" . You'll be given a number, so you won't have to copy out everything by hand on carbon paper, as was the case before (updated May 23) ;)

Once at sea

Many customers ask me to suggest a program. There's no need to plan too much. Once in the Grenadines, the distances are very short and the program can be made day by day according to the weather and your desires.
Your flight from Europe will arrive in the late afternoon, and you'll settle in on board.
The next morning, we'll do the chack in (charter without skipper). By late morning, you'll be on your way to the south of Saint Lucia (Anse Cochon 33mn or Souffriere 36mn). No formalities if you don't go ashore; the next morning at dawn, head for Bequia (approx. 50 mins) where you'll do your entry clearance.
You're almost there;)

Internet connection during your catamaran charter

You'll find Internet connections on almost every inhabited island. Your cell phones will work on a roaming basis (watch out for the bill at the end of the month). You can also pick up a data card once you're there. Don't ask me for a Starlink antenna, I don't have any to rent you, and that's not about to change ;)

Deductible buyout

If you wish to take the option of taking over the excess you can contact our partner:

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