Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are a couple and would like to take a catamaran charter to the Grenadines? What do you propose?

    Please note that we do not take a cabin cruise. Whether you are 2 or 10, the price will be the same. It is up to you to start your own group. This is why we offer a wide range of catamarans from the Mahé 36, our smallest catamaran and also the cheapest for small groups or family trips, up to the Helia 44, which can accommodate up to 10 passengers. All with or without skipper and/or hostess.

  • Can we leave the same evening we arrive?

    Flights from Europe arrive in the late afternoon. It is rare to be at the marina before 6pm. After such a long trip (more than 8 hours), I prefer that we put the boat in hand the next morning in order to have all your attention and attention. There is a lot of information to remember, don't hesitate to take notes!

  • What are the formalities to be carried out for our cruise to the Grenadines by catamaran?

    If you are on a charter to the Grenadines from Le Marin (Martinique), know that you will leave Europe (and yes, in Martinique you are in the EU;). It will therefore be necessary to make an exit clearance at the harbour master's office of the Marin du Marin marina. You can make this clearance out on the website of the Marina du Marin. You will then be given a document that will be asked by the local autorities for at your next step (often Bequia)

  • Once the catamaran rental, with or without skipper, is completed, what are the additional costs to be expected?

    Once the catamaran has been booked, the biggest cost remains the supplies. Life is expensive under the Caribbean sun. Remember to travel light so that you can bring some sweets back into your suitcase.

  • How does the check-in work?

    You will arrive in the late afternoon at the Marina du Marin where I will be waiting for you. The handover will take place the next morning (unless requested in advance). It will then be necessary to complete the formalities for leaving the territory before casting off.

  • What is the course of a cruise with a skipper?

    Choosing a rental with a skipper is a plus. In addition to having the possibility to leave the very evening of your arrival, it is also the guarantee not to miss any "good plan" while being sure to enjoy the best anchorages, caring about nothing. View the prices

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