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My name is Pierre Prado and I was born in Brazil from french sailor parents. I lived the first 4 years of my life on the boat that my parents had built, between Brazil and the Caribbean, where we settled when I was 4 years old. Since I have been living in Martinique.

MERMER Location has been created by my father in 2001,  it celebrates in 2021 its 20 years of existence. Presently this small yacht charter company is family run by my father Georges PRADO and me Pierre (in picture).

Why catamaran yacht charter?

Mermer Location was founded in 2001. Mermer Location is named after Hugo Verlomme's famous book "MERMERE". This author inspired my parents to build their boats and set off...

Before that, my father was base manager for a boat rental company in Martinique. He started out with a catamaran, then slowly expanded his fleet, while remaining on a "human scale" so as to be able to manage the maintenance and marketing of our catamarans on his own. We had at our peak 8 catamaran to rent in Le Marin, Martinique.
I chose to work with him in the tourism sector, because I want to help people discover the freedom of sailing.

Quality rather than quantity

This is one of the last small yacht charter structure in Martinique (8 catamarans in 2019), it ensures a close relationship and an excellent service with its customers (have a look to review on the web); the majority of the competitors have at least 20 vessels (sometimes more than 50), and the smallest often commercialize catamarans that are not theirs. with MERMER Location this is not the case all the boats that we propose are those of our own fleet. Since its creation by George Prado (who left since May 2015 to make a world tour with his wife) the choice was always to remain "human scale" in order to manage all the activities, from marketing to boat maintenance.

Competitive rates

With this, MERMER Location manages to offer better competitive rates than larger structures without sacrificing the quality of its services, all the contrary ... We limitate the "stop and go"charter the same day, to ensure boat in perfect seaworthiness and the possibility to to take the time needed for the Check in.

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Fully equipped catamarans

Since its creation, mermerlocation works exclusively with the shipyard Fountaine Pajot. It now offers a large range with a :

  • Mahé 36 (Evolution 2015),
  • 1 Lucia 40
  • 1 Lipari 41
  • 1 TS 42 from Marsaudon Yard (fast catamaran)
  • and 3 Helia 44 (2015, 2017, 2019).

All boats are perfectly equipped and autonomous in energy with powerful solar panels. The watchword is to have a boat perfectly equipped for navigation:

  • GPS plotter,
  • fridge and freezer in all catamarans (exept TS 42 with 2 fridge),
  • Semi-rigid dinghy with outboard of minimum 6cv (9.8 for free;),
  • watermaker on the 44 feets, TS 42 and Laggon 42 ,
  • inverter,
  • salt water tap at the sink to save water;)
  • etc ...

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